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[Trans] Hyung Jun on Trendy Magazine No. 17

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Trans: Only Jun (
2nd half of Year 2010, SS501 5 members have embarked on their own activities, among them, Magnae Hyung Jun, after joining a new management company have been having new updates; not only is he going to challenge musical performance for the first time, he is also going to tour Asia to meet all the pea princesses, and of course Taiwan is one of the must go places! Before visiting Taiwan, Hyung Jun had accepted a TRENDY exclusive interview in Seoul; When he was in Taiwan, of course TRENDY could not miss the chance to follow him closely…


Hyung Jun Forever

Unlimited Love, Cute Hyung Jun

Part 1

Hyung Jun in Seoul    Afternoon Tea Appointment

Hyung Jun who had an appointment with TRENDY at his new management company, secretly popped his head out of the office to check when TRENDY and staff members arrived. When he realised we are the people he knows, he seemed to heave a sigh of relief and broke into a smile, happily welcoming TRENDY and the staff members. Perhaps it is due to this sense of familiarity, although other group members are not there with him, Hyung Jun did not appear to be that nervous or not at ease, he kept joking and laughing, behaving exactly like SS501’s playful Magnae Hyung Jun whom everyone is familiar with,  he didn’t change a single bit.
T:  Taiwanese pea princesses are all missing Hyung Jun whom they have not met for quite some time, and are looking forward to the fan meeting. What is keeping Hyung Jun busy lately?
Thank you each and every pea princess who is waiting patiently. I am currently working hard to prepare for the Taiwan fan meeting. Furthermore, I’ll be performing in the musical <>, so I have been spending everyday busily yet fruitfully.
T: Hyung Jun would be challenging musical <>, so did you start to undergo some special training? Is it tough? In this musical, what role would you be challenging?
To perform in musical, besides the basic singing and dancing, there is also acting. These three areas have to be balanced perfectly in order to have a good performance. So currently focusing on the most important singing and acting portions, practising the main parts. Although it may be very tough, but I have always been wanting to perform in a musical, and also feel that musical would allow me to develop my abilities further. So even though it is tiring, I’m enjoying it (laugh).
This musical practically only has the male and female leads and these two persons would practically be acting out the whole show. I am acting as the Sommelier, but within the story plot the Sommelier have 2 split personalities. Besides working professionally as a Sommelier, I also have to act out a very playful and humorous side of this character. Besides, I’m not very familiar with red wine personally, so in order to portray this role well, I’m learning things in details, starting from how to hold a glass wine, how to pour wine…etc. I’m even practising hard in my daily life. (While saying he even demonstrated how to pour red wine, and Hyung Jun even playfully did a wink)
T: Starting solo activities with the status [Kim Hyung Jun], how do you feel?
Honestly, definitely feels lonely. Besides being lonely, now there is nobody beside me to rely on, so my responsibilities have become even heavier. Would have to adapt to all these, I also hope that I can accumulate more experiences, I am treating this current situation as a form of challenge for myself, and this is actually a good opportunity for me to grow.
T: Already a singer, and also tried being a DJ, act in musical among others. So what do you wish to challenge next?
I think that my singer status is the most important, but I also wish to try act in drama and other areas, so besides being a singer I am currently trying to challenge myself in many areas. Although it is important to focus in one area and then develop further in that area, but I personally want to be acknowledged in many different area, so besides DJ, MC, singer, musical, I also want to challenge acting, after picking up acting skills via the musical, if a good opportunity presents itself, wish to be able to act in a drama or movie.

T: You just mentioned about wanting to act in a drama or movie, so do you have a senior actor in mind whom you wish to work with the most?
(Thinking for a while with head tilted) Won Bin hyung. Wish to try acting in an action-packed show as two big fierce and violent boys. Regardless of whether it is a drama or movie, but now I am still not quite mature, I need to be more prepared. But since we are just discussing about what I wish to do, so I can say it right? (Hyung Jun was so cute asking with his big eyes, seeing that TRENDY has nodded, then he continued on.) There are also Mr. Song Seung Heon, Mr. Jang Dong Gun……many others, can I say that many? Who else? The person whom I like, Zhang ZiYi, I like her very much. (Listing all his idols out in one breath, Hyung Jun showed a very satisfied expression while nodding his head, and stating very seriously that he would work hard.)
T: Hyung Jun is the Magnae among SS501 members, but is also the elder brother of U-KISS Ki Bum, now he is carrying out solo activities as [Kim Hyung Jun], so how are these 3 statuses different for you?
To me all these 3 have very special meaning, I am all these 3, each of them are equally important, so it is impossible to rid of any one of these statuses. Magnae, Kim Hyung Jun himself, and Ki Bum’s brothers, all have relationship bonds, all 3 are very important; I am working hard to play these 3 roles until the very best.
T: Other SS501 members have already begun their own activities, do Hyung Jun and other members still meet up or keep in contact?
Of course, we frequently keep in contact via the phone, and would also leave messages for each other on Twitter. No one is running away to somewhere else ah~~haha, so we would still meet up often to have meals or to drink, and would chat a lot of different things, so it is nothing different from the past, just that now is a period for us to focus more on solo activities. Actually feeling is still the same, just like how SS501 was in the past.
T: U-KISS in which younger brother Ki Bum belongs to also enjoy high popularity, so did Ki Bum ever consult Hyung Jun on matters related to work? If there is an opportunity for Hyung Jun to work with brother Ki Bum, which area would you choose to do?
Actually it was reallya surprise for me when Ki Bum chose to become a singer, I always thought that him with good results(continued from p33 of the magazine) and who knows how to cook well would choose some other jobs. I do not know if it is because he saw how handsome I look on stage, that is why also wanted to be a singer. (After saying this, Hyung Jun started laughing loudly himself.) Ki Bum is more independent, so he did not discuss with family members about him wanting to become a singer, he suddenly just came to me one day with his album, telling me that he is going to debut as a singer with an album. Although they went through a very tough time, but U-KISS recently have been doing well, so I wish that they become better and better.
Talking about working together, Ki Bum and I have always wanted to work together musically, it would be quite interesting for both of us to compose music and perform together! We also have another idea; we wish to help other youths who love music just like us. It would also be quite good to use our abilities to help youths who love music, to come up with some music-related work!

Hyung Jun’s Dog CHOCO

TRENDY told Hyung Jun, his cute dog [CHOCO]‘s popularity as high as her owner. Hyung Jun replied with amazement, “Oh my god, also very popular in Taiwan?” When TRENDY took out the present that was specially prepared for [Choco], Hyung Jun who was pleasantly pleased, said that [Choco] is such a lucky fellow, and even told TRENDY about [Choco]’s secret, said that [Choco] used to be very small, but now has already grown to become a 8kg dog, while talking, he even pretended to be carrying [Choco] and showed a very tired and sweaty look. TRENDY reminded Hyung Jun to remember to pass the present to [Choco] but unexpectedly Hyung Jun actually pouted and said jealously, “If I’m hungry later, I’ll eat them”. Of course he was only joking; Hyung Jun playfully acted as [Choco], and produced barking sounds to express his thanks on behalf of [Choco].

Interview Backstage Story

Specially flew to Seoul to meet Hyung Jun, TRENDY specially prepared many Taiwan famous local products to placate Hyung Jun’s longing for Taiwan delicacies. After obtaining the pineapple tart, Hyung Jun happily exclaimed, “I like this the most”, and immediately opened one pack to have a big bite. That satisfied expression of his seems to quite resemble that of his dog [Choco].
Hyung Jun who was in a very good mood, even enquired the staff about the recent updates about Taiwan while taking photos, and he also kept sharing the various interesting things that had happened during the previous few times when he visited Taiwan together with other members of SS501. Everyone was influenced by Hyung Jun’s good mood, and smiles keep appearing on their faces.
Also when the photograph praised him with, “Good!”, Hyung Jun, without any hesitation, immediately showed a child-like eye expression and look and replied, “Of Course!”, making the stern manager who was standing at one side, couldn’t  help but break into a smile. Hyung Jun’s [Crowd Pleaser] personality has not even changed a bit.

T: Hyung Jun uses Twitter frequently to communicate with fans and friends, so are there any interesting things that happened while using Twitter?
(Upon hearing the question, Hyung Jun started laughing loudly) There are really many people who use Twitter in Korea! Just recently I accidentally found some friends whom I have lost contact for a long time on Twitter. I also did something interesting on Twitter. Oh~ I should say, I played a prank with the dog [Choco] that I’m rearing. I acted as [Choco] and make it as though she is playing Twitter and unexpectedly it led to a very hot response from everyone, therefore I thought it was quite interesting. (While saying this, Hyung Jun tried to bark like a dog, pretending to be [Choco] playing Twitter, not only did he cause everyone to laugh, he himself was lying on the sofa laughing.)
T:  Taiwan pea princesses would listen to Hyung Jun’s radio programme via the internet, Hyung Jun allows everyone to see a different side of him when he sings happily on the show. Lastly, we would like to invite [Hyung Jun DJ] to say something to Taiwan pea princesses as well as to dedicate a song to everyone that is suitable to be played during autumn!
Taiwan pea princesses, friends who are supporting me, although this time would not come as 5 people, but alone to hold fan meeting,  I promise that it would be very interesting, so please look forward to it. I would also not let everyone down and would prepare a lot. I can still remember many Taiwanese fans, so do not have a change of heart, continue to support me, hopefully you can be with me for the rest of your life. Lastly, would like to dedicate the song by SS501, that is suitable to be played on autumn’s sunny days. Hope that everyone can love and support all 5 members who will be having individual activities. Would be meeting everyone soon. Thank you.
[Green box]

Mr Good Man’s Surprise Visit

For TRENDY’s appointment with Hyung Jun this time, came a mystery guest that gave Hyung Jun a big surprise.
When Mr Good Man Ken Wu appeared with the red bean mochi at the TRENDY interview scene, Hyung Jun was shocked with his mouth wide open. To the Mr Good Man who is already an [Old Friend], he happily exclaimed, “My Brother~”. When these two [Old Friends] meet up, they could not stop talking and even [hook pinky finger, stamp, photocopy, keep] as actions of promise.
Actually this is because Hyung Jun kept saying that he missed Xiao Long Bao, (approximately said about a few hundred times), so Mr Good Man promised to bring him to eat Xiao Long Bao when he visits Taiwan, and would be going to shop at 101 and Shilin Night Market. Hyung Jun and Mr Good Man became more excited as they chatted and even said that when Hyung Jun visits Taiwan, might as well hold his interviews at 101. Hyung Jun even increased the stake of their promise, wanted Mr Good Man who is also a DJ to play his new song two hundred times when he releases his new album. Mr Good Man of course agreed immediately!
For more images of the surprise visit made by Mr Good Man for Hyung Jun, remember to tune in to <> every Monday to Friday 7pm!

Part 2
Hyung Jun in Seoul    Unceasing Laughter

Hyung Jun dressed up in a handsome autumn suit and appeared at the press interview. Although carrying charming smiles on his face, but from the way he crossed his fingers from time to time, one can sense that Hyung Jun was still a little nervous. In response to the reporters’ questions, Hyung Jun listened carefully and answered detailedly
“This is actually the role of a Magnae”
Upon mentioning about SS501 members whom he is familiar with, Hyung Jun couldn’t help but expose, “I am actually very talented, whether it is singing or acting…even for fighting actions, I am OK. But previously because I am the Magnae in SS501, so I just have to tolerate. They like to bully me, especially Hyun Joong hyung, he especially likes to play pranks on me. Aiyo~ Really” Hyung Jun pretended to sigh and then shook his head, but immediately followed up with a playful smile, and said, “Although I’m proclaiming as such, but next time when I see Hyun Joong hyung, I will still obediently call him [Hyun Joong hyung~] (Act cute)”
The way Hyung Jun acted cute amused everyone, and Hyung Jun secrets exposure has yet to end.  “Other members~ are very petty, they would always bicker over small matters. I am always the one responsible to help them reconcile, what is going to happen if SS501 has no Magnae like me?”
Hyung Jun who couldn’t help laughing after praising himself, further clarified that actually other members did not really argue or bicker, but hold different opinions, so when the mood is not good, he would have to help to soothe the mood, and Hyung Jun said it in a matter-of-fact manner, “This is actually the responsibility of the Magnae!”
“At home, younger brother who is still the younger brother”
When asked about the younger brother Ki Bum who is a member of a popular group, Hyung Jun playfully danced to U-KISS latest hit song , intentionally taking up the accent and actions of cartoon characters, causing everyone present to laugh. Hyung Jun helplessly said that he is the Magnae in SS501, but at home he is the [younger brother] of his younger brother Ki Bum.  This is because when the happy-go-lucky Hyung Jun encounters the perfectionist Ki Bum, Hyung Jun always only has the [lower-hand], Hyung Jun said with a pretended scared face, “Ki Bum is really scary at home”, again causing another round of laughter.
(TRENDY OS: Actually Hyung Jun is not really a push-over, Hyung Jun who is happy-go-lucky and peace-loving, only wants everyone to be happy, so even if he is being bullied or being forced to be pranked, he does not mind at all. Upon looking at Hyung Jun’s adorable look, instead of referring to it as bullying, might as well say it as a form of “expression of love”!)

“Xiao Long Bao OK. Stinky Toufu NONONO!”
Coming to Taiwan, it is unavoidable to be asked which Taiwan delicacy would one wish to eat. And Hyung Jun’s fervor towards Xiao Long Bao started burning at this moment! For the whole afternoon, Hyung Jun at least mentioned Xiao Long Bao a few hundred times, causing the staff to raise their hands up and surrender, not only did they hook their pinky fingers to seal their promise, they were even asked to vow that he would be brought to eat Xiao Long Bao! Upon knowing that he would be able to taste the dearly missed Xiao Long Bao, Hyung Jun was extremely happy, however when he was asked about another type of delicacy [Stinky Toufu], Hyung Jun’s face color changed and kept shaking his head and even pretended to faint on the sofa, further exaggerated that, “Whoever brings me Stinky Toufu again, I will start to beat people up.” Seems like the previous time when Hyung Jun visited Taiwan with other members and was made to taste Stinky Toufu after losing a guessing game on a TV programme, left him a very deep impression!
“Grew up already so no longer ageyo-ing?!”
Hyung Jun who is preparing for musical expressed that although there are many detailed parts that are indeed difficult, he is still working hard, and actually he is now realizing the charm of it! Hyung Jun blinked his eyes and said, “Because pea princesses are cheering on for me, I will definitely be able to perform well!” “Because I look very kind, so actually I do wish to challenge a baddie role.” Hyung Jun who does not want to put any restrictions to how he could develop further, is willing to try out anything, and he even acted out a scene in which he pretended to be shot by a gun, and talked with a coarse voice saying, “Byebye~” and then instantly drop dead on the sofa. However because Hyung Jun is really too comical, so it (the acting) was not very convincing.
For the [Love to ageyo] impression that Hyung Jun has on people, Hyung Jun thinks that the love-to-ageyo cheerful look is nothing bad, but because he is already going to be 25, 26 years old, so he hopes that people would start to realize his mature side, and also look forward to a more handsome Hyung Jun!


Before Setting off- Sent Two Messages on Twitter
Venue: Seoul Incheon Airport
Exactly how much does Hyung Jun like to use Twitter?  Could already know seeing that he tweeted twice on Twitter before setting off at Incheon Airport.  And all thanks to Twitter, before Hyung Jun boards the plane, TRENDY started to follow Hyung Jun without missing a single beat.
(Hyung Jun’s Twitter:
Arrival in Taiwan
Venue: Taiwan TaoYuan Airport

SS501 who have started solo activities, the Magnae among the members –Kim Hyung Jun came to visit Taiwan alone for the first time. Without the accompaniment of his brothers, Hyung Jun felt a little lonely. However once Hyung Jun stepped out of the airport immigration counter, he was instantly embraced by pea princesses’ strong passion, pea princesses’ warm reception helped to ease the uneasiness brewing within Hyung Jun, thereby able to show a smiley face.
Press Media Interview – Afternoon 2PM
Venue: Taipei Certain Hotel

At the press conference, everyone were all very concerned about SS501 future, Hyung Jun personally assured that although 5 of them have signed on to different management companies, but group activities as 5 people have always been their priorities, discussions have already been ongoing for their album next year as 5 people. And before coming to Taiwan, Hyung Jun have also exchanged telephone conversations with other members, and Jung Min who have recently visited Taiwan, even asked Hyung Jun to buy presents back for him.
Hyung Jun 1st day in Taiwan ended after finishing interviews with various press media and having tasted Xiao Long Bao.

Day 2

Venue: Taiwan NUS Sports Center

The never-been-seen before rehearsal’s snippets would be shown to the public for the first time on TRENDY Idol Magazine.
On the Sunday afternoon which only had a short span of sunshine, Hyung Jun wore a Mickey Mouse graphic grey T-shirt, pair of big shades, and started his rehearsal before his fan meeting. Having his solo fan meeting for the first time, Hyung Jun still showed a very serious expression, how can I show pea princesses the best performance, how can I make sure that my pea princesses would be all smiling while spending an enjoyable evening? Hyung Jun was very focused in practicing one time after another, not missing out any details. Because it was his solo stage, so had to work even harder, 5 times the effort. Because he was so serious in rehearsing, he was soaked wet with perspiration, and although he did not put on any makeup, the good looking Hyung Jun was already emitting an enchanting charm that is enough to tempt people.

Part 3


Fan Meeting

As soon as the fan meeting started, Hyung Jun who was wearing a blue suit appeared on the middle of stage on a chair, and attracted pea princesses’ cheers with the song [I AM] and the sexy dance choreography, and his interactions with the female dancers even cause unceasing screams but also allowed everyone to witness the masculine beauty of Hyung Jun which is different from the past. Fans also demonstrated their enthusiasm during the decibel machine competition when they screamed “Hyung Jun I Love You.”
Hyung Jun also showed off the results of him practicing Mandarin, when he encountered a long phrase, the smart Magnae Hyung Jun was able to complete his mission after coaching from the pea princesses present at that time. During the 2nd song [Men Mars, Women Venus]  Hyung Jun made a surprise appearance at the back of the hall, walking past the pea princesses towards the stage, leading to a round of shocked screams, making the atmosphere even hotter

Happy Surprise Game Time

In order take care of pea princesses’ welfare, beside answering pea princesses’ Post-It note questions, the fan meeting also had a lot of games prepared, picking lucky winners using ticket stubs and allowing them to go on stage to enjoy a close distance interaction with Hyung Jun. All these games became especially enjoyable due to Hyung Jun’s playfulness and cuteness, including the quiz to guess the titles of the Chinese songs that Hyung Jun was made to listen and hum, shopping at night market game, etc.
Hyung Jun was extremely friendly and nice towards every pea princess who went up the stage, and even automatically gave out hugs during photo taking session, of course causing endless screams from offstage. The most interesting game was no other than the [Special Scissors Paper Stone] game in which the winner would draw. Looking at how Hyung Jun who seemed to be very serious but actually was just doodling , Mr Good Man exclaimed in surprise when the drawing was completed, that the drawing actually resembles (the fan). This portrait drawing which was personally addressed with the fan’s name personally signed with his autograph would definitely become this lucky pea princess’ family treasure!

Teary Heart-Warming Time

After a happy laughing period, the venue lights dimmed, and a video clip that is filled with pea princesses’ love was played, and Hyung Jun just sat on the stage floor casually to watch.
He, who usually cries easily, was completely touched by everyone’s sincerity in the video clip, the teary eyed Hyung Jun then revealed to everyone that actually he has been secretly worrying, because that was his solo stage (to be continued on next page)
(In blue circle)
When will this bitterness ever end?
Hyung Jun who lost the Shop-Night-Market-Throw-Darts Game had to accept the punishment of drinking the whole glass of bitter tea, he who showed a weird expression and kept saying it is bitter, mischievously managed to get hold of yet another big glass of bitter tea and wanted Mr Good Man to [enjoy] it as well, Mr Good Man Ken Wu hyung finished it in one big gulp…… Then fell onto the ground 2 minutes later due to the bitterness!
The bitterness (of the tea) was enough to make that two person to keep complaining about it. Actually during the SS501 last visit to Taiwan, Kim Hyung Jun and Mr Good Man have already had the experience of drinking bitter tea, and it was unexpected that have to encounter the bitter tea again during this fan meeting, TRENDY had to admit, these 2 people really have  fate with bitter tea!
(White words printed on the picture)
Relationship between Huang Xiao Hu and Park CEO?
At the fan meeting, there was a game where he had to find an ideal partner just by looking at eyes, there were picture boards showing 5 faces with only eyes being shown, and a pair of enchanting eyes attracted the attention of Kim Hyung Jun and the pea princesses, people both on stage and off stage were absolutely sure that that was a picture of Park Jung Min, but never would anyone thought that when the answer was revealed, it was actually Huang Xiao Hu! Immediately, everyone on and off stage broke into laughter.
During this game of guessing the partner using their eyes, Hyung Jun and pea princesses humorously found out that the relationship between Mr Horse and Huang Xiao Hu, it was really unexpected!

continued from previous page…) so the pressure was really very big, so he is thankful towards pea princesses who use the same love that they showered on the 5 boys in SS501 on him who was alone, this touching act would make him work even harder in the future, and he wishes that this love would continue on forever.
This emotional confession caused the pea princesses off stage to become teary, and when he found out that the boy who appeared in the clip was also sitting off stage, and also called himself little prince, Hyung Jun could not help but jokingly said, “Are you Young Saeng?”, resulting in an instant change from a heart-warming mood to a storm of big laughters. Mr Good Man also could not help but to comment, “Your mood changes really fast!”
At the fan meeting, the 4 big posters that was hanging on the stage were also given out at big prizes, the attentive Hyung Jun not only wrote the names of the fan on the poster, but also dated them, and lastly sang the song [Girls] for the pea princesses admist the encore cheers. Finishing the show with glamorous moves, and will be looking forward to the fan meeting. Would he really hold the next one at the Night Market like he mentioned? Well that have to see how influential the pea princesses’ nagging power are~ See you, Hyung Jun!

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