Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[Info] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng FanMeet In Japan Confirmed

 Kyu Jong and Young Seng Fan Meeting in Japan is confirmed today. The special date with Japanese fans will be on January 22, 2011 and it will start at 6:30PM. Tickets are sold at 15,800Yen. For more information [in Japanese] you may go HERE.

Brief translation courtesy of rin_pochi

DVD+ticket 15,800yen *neet sending cost 800yen
1st private DVD 6,900yen
fanmeeting 8,900yen
we will sell ticket and DVD set only.

As a member of popular idol group SS501 in Korea which is taking break,
very popular not only in Korea but also Asian countries,
YS and KYU will have a solo event in Japan for the first time.
All scene in the DVD will be filmed overseas.
With this DVD, you can enjoy their new determinations and themselves.
You can feel and get addicted to their new, closer and friendly world for sure.

*DVD and PhotoBook*
1.DVD disc1 shooting overseas
2.DVD disc2 making book plus something
*contents may be changed.
Publish schedule 2011 end of March

Shibuya C.C. Lemon hall
January 22th in 2011
all seats reserved
with high touch planned [liezle : not sure if this is handshake].

*How to pay*
bank transfer only

*Ticket release date*
From November 17th in 2010 19:00(JPtime)
KJ-net member take precedence
*If all tickets are sold by KJ-net members, there will be no chance to get ticket any more.

*Attentions* can order 4sets for one application
2.If you order more than 2set, all commercial products will be delivered to the person who ordered.
3.We ban all the video , camera,and other method to record during the event.
We will do some security check before you enter the hall.
4.If the event canceled due to the whether or other inevitable force,
we never pay back the fee.
5.Please do not order the ticket to resale.
If we found any ticket sold in the auction or something, we will not allow seller nor purchaser
to enter the event.
6.On the event, people who don't obey to the staff and annoying other people will be
asked to leave.

*About Seat*
Order is first-come system, but the seat will be drawing.

*Delivery of the product*
Ticket will be shipped From "KJ-net" within one week before the event.
Product will be shipped From "Image" trust management company on the date of publish. 

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